Persistent Pain

wk1 goalsetting

  • Change enables you to become the person you want to be.
  • Change is your ticket out of any situation or any place where you are unhappy or unfulfilled.
  • Sometimes the past can hold us back, but moving with little changes helps you to move away from the bad situation.
  • Taking small measurable steps are key towards change.
  • Small changes that you make will eventually lead you to the desired big one. This is known as he ‘snow ball effect’.
  • Make measurable changes, monitor and modify as you go along.
  • Think about the barriers to change and analyse how you can solve them.
  • Remember how our thoughts and feelings influence change.

wk1 problemsolving

wk1 arrow

Please remember the following while making changes

  1. Socialising - social contact often helps you feel better, even though you may not feel like it at times.
  2. Hobbies and interests – this is something you enjoyed in the past, or you might enjoy as your new project.
  3. Exercise - this can improve your mood and general health. It doesn't need to be anything too energetic. Just going for a walk regularly can be a good option.
  4. Bedtimes - try to plan regular and consistent bedtimes. Having a regular sleeping pattern can help improve your mood and energy levels.
  5. Time for yourself - make time to relax and give yourself space between activities.


Week 1 Making changes

Week 1 Pain Management Programme Worksheet 1

Week 1 Pain Management Programme Worksheet 2